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3.3sHow do I stay so crazy? Mickey Rooney's Crazy Pills!
3.14sTake one with breakfast, one with lunch, and before you know it,
2.4syou'll be up on your roof, pooping in the chimney.
2.3sHold out your stockings, kids!
2.9sChris, you can't join the army. You're too young.
1.67sBesides, the army is weak.
3.04sNow, the marines, those are the men you want to fuck.
3.7sAre you kidding, Lois? The army's great! You get to save money for college,
3.97sthere's free food, and all the brown people you can rape.
3.67sI am sorry, but he is not joining the army. Case closed.
3.34sI can't believe they're brainwashing kids like Chris to serve in the military.
4.2sAh, yes, the bottom 10% of our high-school class is off to fight another battle.
1.67s- You stole that from The Onion. - What?
2.37sYou stole that. I read that in The Onion. About the war in Iraq.
3.7sWell, if that's true, then I'd say they've got some sharp cookies over at...