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2.57sAll right, Marilyn Manson has to be here somewhere.
2.47sGood thing we distracted that guard with that riddle.
2.77sWhat gets wetter as it dries?
2.23sA towel. Hey, I've been had!
2.27sHey, look. Right over there.
1.63sHey, Manson.
2.27s- What in the world was that for? - Oh, it's a guy.
1.9sThat's for ruining our son.
3.47sHe used to be a sweet boy until he heard your music.
4.5s(LAUGHING) This old story. If I had a nickel. All right. Where's your son?
6.57sI'm hiding underneath my sheets for fear he'll point and show his teeth LOIS: Chris, we brought someone you might like to meet.
3.7s(ALL GASPING) Oh, my God! Marilyn Manson.
2.87sHey there, Chris. You working hard or hardly working?
0.5sSo, I see you're in a band.
2.47sListen, your parents tell me you've been acting out a little bit,
3.54sand I just wanted to tell you rock and roll music is cool,
3.2sbut respect for your elders is a tune we can all dance to.
1.5sReally? Sure.