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2.47sThere's only one thing to do. You're right.
4.94sWe've gotta find this Marilyn Manson and I gotta give that bastard or bitch a piece of my mind or penis.
2.3sAll right, it shouldn't be too hard to get ourselves kicked out.
3.04sRight, we've just gotta convince them we're not army material.
2.9sReady? All right, let's do it.
4.14sWow, look at how gay we are. I am so gay with my gayness.
2.87sMe too. I'm... I'm a homo.
2.4s- Any room for one more? - Hell, yeah!
3.14sAll right, last resort. We get injured and go home with Purple Hearts.
2.27sShoot me in the foot. What? Shoot yourself in the foot.
1.73sNo, no, no, no. They can tell by the angle.
1.3sHere, you shoot me and I'll shoot you.
2.04sI don't think this is gonna work. Of course it will work.
3.64sReady? One, two, three.
2.84s(GROANING) Damn it! Oh, my God, that hurts!